It's Time to Be A Parent Again!

First and foremost, I strongly believe that the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in a child's life is not the Sheriff or Chief of Police, but instead is the Mom, Dad, Grandparent, or Foster Parent that is raising the child. As a young man growing up in North Florida, I never worried about being in trouble with law enforcement, as I was more worried about being in trouble with my parents. Granted, today's parents and children face challenges like never before. Drugs, gangs, bullying and even social media have completely changed our ability to keep watch and hold them accountable for their actions. Today's parenting is 24 hours a day and one of the most demanding jobs in the world, but it is also one of the most rewarding opportunities that life has to offer.

Chief Law Enforcement Officer

You as the parent need to be the “Chief Law” Enforcement Officer in your child's life. Take control and hold them accountable for his or her actions.

Your Rights

As a parent, you have a responsibility and a right to hold your child accountable. Dont make excuses for both you and your child. Remember you're raising the next generation of parents.

Tough Love

It’s hard to tough love your kids, it's harder to visit them in jail, but it's unimaginable to visit them in the cemetery. Start taking the initiative, begin to make the changes before it's too late.
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Today’s parents and their children face challenges like never before. Drugs, gangs, bullying and social media have changed how we monitor our children’s behavior.

Parenting today is challenging, but it is made more difficult because many parents don’t know their legal rights and responsibilities as the architects of our next generation. That is where "It's Time to Be a Parent Again" is so crucial to success.

Successful Parenting Includes Being:
  • Loving
  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • A Great Role Model
  • An Effective Communicator

Additional Information

  • When Should I Be Concerned?

    Changes In Behavior (Appears Withdrawn, Angry, Depressed, or Having Mood Swings), Loss Of An Old Friendship (Secretive About New Friends or Activities), Declining Grades Or Trouble At School, and Skipping School are just…

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  • Warning Signs of Drug Abuse?

    Physical or Mental Problems: Memory Lapses, Poor Concentration, Lack of Coordination or Slurred Speech, Having Bloodshot Eyes or Dilated Pupils, Using Eye Drops to Mask the Signs, Missing Money, Valuables or Prescription Drugs…

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  • The Dangers of Social Media

    Unguarded Activities, Parents Need to Keep Track, Identity Theft, Reputation Sabotage Because of Inappropriate Pictures or Too Much Information, Cyber-Bullying, Predators Lurking, Email Concerns & Tricks.

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  • What Should or Can I Do?

    Establish Expectations & Consequences, Be A Good Role Model: Show Understanding Respect Patience Firmness Know Who Your Child’s Friends Are & Stay Involved In Their Friendships Be Suspicious, Stop Believing That Everything They…

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Child Victimization

* Statistics reported as of 2014

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It's Time To Be A Parent Again
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