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1. Do you spend family time without technology?
2. Do you know what your child is least/most passionate about?
3. Do you think your parents are/were good parents?
4. Did your parents tough love you as a child?
5. Do you tough love your child?
6. Do you attend school events with/for your child?
7. Do you utilize parental controls on television?
8. Do you know the name of all of your child's teachers?
9. Do you think you're a good parent?
10. Do you believe your children are capable of lying to you?
11. Are you a friend on your child's Facebook account?
12. Do you know the password for your child's phone, computer, and social media accounts?
13. Do you monitor your child's social media activities?
14. Are you aware of all the social media accounts your child has?
15. Do you approve of what your children wear to school?
16. Do you check their book bags?
17. Do you conduct a search of your child's room?
18. Do you check the selection of music on their phone?
19. Do you know and approve of your child's friends?
20. Do you know where your child is right now?

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