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In the past parents only worried about their children being bullied on the playground or at school. Today, cyber-bullying is on the rise with 7 in 10 children reporting that they have been cyber-bullied according to Cyber-bullying isn’t just a male problem, or a female problem, as both genders have been found to be…
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Social Media Threats

As children become more immersed in social media, their likelihood of being cyber-bullied increases dramatically. A staggering 54% of young people on Facebook report that they have been cyber-bullied according to Twitter and Youtube also have large amounts of cyber-bullying occurrences. Common forms of social media cyber-bullying include spreading rumors, threatening and hurtful message…
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Bullied Repeatedly

According to, 70% of children report that they have been cyber-bullied. Among those who report cyber-bulling, 35% of them report that they experience cyber-bulling on a highly frequent basis. Furthermore, 20% of child respondents say that they are cyber-bullied every day. These statistics are staggering, and cause young people to deal with daily fear…
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Won’t Tell Parents

Even though a large amount of children report being cyber-bullied when surveyed, 33% don’t inform their parents according to Children might not report cyber-bullying because of shame, fear of retaliation by their bully, or worries that their parents won’t take it seriously or restrict access to computers, cell phones and tablets. It is extremely…
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